Data Broker Group
Turn Your Data Into Dollars


turn your data into dollars.

what is data broker group?

data broker group is a unique opportunity available to professionals, both in and out of the insurance industry. through data broker group, anyone with consistent contact to high-end consumers can benefit from the sale of an insurance policy and the associated income.

a data broker group "partner" could be anyone from a mortgage professional, meeting with individual clients, or a tax advisor with a robust client list. by transferring the consumer’s information to data broker group, the partner can be paid for making the connection while data broker group finds the insurance agent to handle the lead.

data broker group partners will be provided with a customized individual platform for submitting consumer information and will be provided with complete transparency to the end result of the transaction. a data broker group partner can continue to run their primary business while offering the additional service of an insurance quote, increasing customer loyalty and reputation. an insurance license is not mandatory to participate!



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if you have data that you aren't capitalizing on, or are giving away for free, you owe it to yourself to at least learn more about data broker group. 

data is one of the most powerful tools in the world. if you have it, you should be making money from it. and a lot of it. 

our ability to partner your wealth of information with the right insurance agents means more opportunities to sell to your client list. 

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