Data Broker Group
Turn Your Data Into Dollars


learn who our services are perfect for and how we can help you earn more from your existing data.

real estate agents

with a never ending flow of consumers entering your turn-style, people looking for new apartments, homes or land are also in dyer need of a new insurance plan (or two). why not be able to offer them a one-stop shop when they become your customer?

captive insurance agents

having the ability to only quote one product under your current company, it severely limits your earning potential. sending business that you aren't able to write to someone that closes 8 out of 10 quotes, will give you the ability to close almost every lead that comes across your desk. 


Mortgage brokers

having one of highest potential upsides to this service, mortgage brokers often in need of a home-owners policy, and fast! just imagine if you had a trusted partner that could quote your deck page within an hour...and you get a cut!

loan officers


life & Health Insurance Agents

as two of the most common types of professionals with data that are looking to cross-sell their highly capable book of business, life and health agents are a perfect match for data broker group. all of the data is at your hands, it's just waiting for you partner up!

Tax professionals

as a tax professional, you have all the information you need at your fingertips. with some of the most loyal customers, tax pros see their client base once a year. why not have the ability to help them beyond april 15?